3 months later

I have been in all sorts of meetings, read a ton of documents and browsed dozens of websites. Transition to this new academic realm feels like immersing oneself in a sea of information and so many fellow fish… thankfully all very friendly. I’m an optimistic. Can’t fight it, although I have become more skeptical over the years, which I thank because it helps me to not be carried away so easily by my optimism.

Landing in a new position

Here is how I became an assistant professor after a long stay in the US. They say it’s important to write about your experiences and share what they mean to you. Luckily those experiences will resonate in others and some sort of contribution will be made. From Palo Alto to Macul Less than a month ago, I was leaving California for good. More than 8 years before, I began a journey of learning and discovery to become someone who could contribute to the world of education.